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$118 Billion for Israel and Ukraine?

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Tax Robbery

Washington has been compromised by a foreign global power. Protecting America is not a priority, in fact, abolishing America seems to be the priority for our politicians on both sides. New York is providing $53 million to illegals who are above the law, and have even assaulted police officers without consequence. The overall funding involved in the calculated invasion was unsustainable long ago. So where are our leaders sending OUR tax funds? Israel and Ukraine.

In a measure that proves politicians are two wings on the same bird, the Senate released a bipartisan proposal to secure the borders of Israel and Ukraine. Years ago, the very same people who are approving these spending packages were outraged at the proposition of a mere wall between the US-Mexico border, which would have only cost around $12 billion at the time. Washington is now requesting to send $118.2 billion to these two foreign nations.

It is now up to House Republicans to stop this madness. Some only want to fund Israel and not Ukraine. Very few are asking for all the funding to go to the US border. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said preserving Israel’s border is “sacred,” and their war should be funded without question.

America’s national debt has surpassed $34 trillion. US Federal spending has surpassed $6.5 trillion, and the federal budget is operating at a $1.9 trillion deficit. The migrant crisis will cost America untold fortunes. The masses are waking up and realizing that there are no checks and balances in Washington. Our elected leaders are permitted to do as they please with our collective funds while leaving their own people high and dry.