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$105 Billion Military Aid Bill Breakdown

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America added an additional $105 billion in military spending on top of the $886 billion military budget set to be approved by Congress. We are spending far more on securing Israel and Ukraine than our own border. The bill will provide $13.6 billion in funding to secure the US-Mexico border, which is nothing compared to the $61.4 billion set aside for Ukraine and $14.1 billion for Israel.

The package will provide the Pentagon, America’s favorite money launderer, with $7.2 billion to directly fund Israel ($3.5 billion), the Indo-Pacific ($2 billion), and Ukraine ($1.7 billion). The $58 billion in total set for the Pentagon is a number they need to abide by as the Pentagon has never completed an audit and has had trillions go unaccounted for in recent years.

Ukraine has already received $113 billion in aid from the US. The new bill will provide Ukraine with $61.4 billion — $46.3 billion will be used to directly support the military while $15.1 billion will go to non-military efforts such as paying the salaries and pensions of Ukrainian neocons.

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Israel’s own military budget for 2023 sits at $23.6 billion. This new package will provide them $13.9 billion in aid or 75% of Israel’s current military budget. America had already set aside $3.8 billion for Israel before the war began.

The budget also indicates America’s plans to go to war with China. The spending package will provide $2 billion in military aid to Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific and an additional $2 billion in developmental aid. All of these figures are the least amount America will spend on foreign aid as Biden seemingly approves a new spending bill each week when he’s not on vacation.

And what about America’s border? Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will receive $7.8 billion. Trump requested less than this to build his wall and Congress shut down entirely. Politicians on both sides of the aisle said there was no funding available to secure America’s border before the mass invasion in 2023.

Americans are financing the globalists’ war games abroad. Our tax dollars do not go far on our own land. This is yet another spending package based on AMERICA LAST policies.