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The Voting Rights Bill amounts to Treason

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Schumer Pelosi

Schumer and Pelosi are guaranteeing that there will be a revolution in the United States. This voting rights bill is outright treasonous. The ‘For the People Act that the House of Representatives passed on March 3 is the end of the United States. There was only one dissenting Democrat and that shows how people are not voting for the nation, but they are just following orders.

This bill will undermine all federal elections from here on out. It would allow people to vote in U.S. federal elections without going to a polling place or presenting identification to prove who they are. Literally, everyone overseas will be able to vote by mail and you do not have to prove who you are or that you are American.

Section 1903 of the 886-page bill is entitled:

Permitting use of sworn written statement to meet identification requirements for voting.”

In “findings” published at the beginning of the massive bill, the House declares “that States and localities have eroded access to the right to vote through…excessively onerous voter identification requirements.

You cannot get on a plane without ID and employers must make sure you are legally allowed to work and must prove every worker’s eligibility Form I-9 according to the Immigration Reform Act, verifying the identity of an employee. Failure to provide proof is subject to fines.

So an ID is required for absolutely everything. Why this somehow suppresses people from voting is unexplained. If they are not working, then they had to show ID to get welfare or unemployment. If they are working, they have to have a SS# to pay taxes. The only people who would possibly be suppressed are the homeless who collect nothing and do not work. Most of those are illegal aliens, to begin with. Texas audit has found about 10,000 illegal aliens voting already.

But the Democrats need to rig the next election because Biden’s polls have collapsed. By the end of the year, raising business taxes will only be passed on in prices accelerating inflation. Price controls never work for they do not freeze costs. Such schemes have always led to shortages and that drives prices even higher.

The Democrats are going to flood the polls with fake votes for the 2022 election to overcome this collapse in Biden’s polls which may even fall below the inflation rate by November. This strategy is what is so dangerous about this bill which is in conflict with every other practice and law on the books.

Pelosi and Schumer are destroying America and will leave the only course to resolution will be violence. This is not a future I want to see, but this is fulfilling what our computer has been projecting for these last 13 years into the final collapse of government as we have known them post-2032.