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The Real Agenda – Reply

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One world government 2


COMMENT: Hello Dear Mr Armstrong,
In your recent article

You talk about power to be given to the UN for reasons that are cooked up with bad science.
I agree, but I also see that this will never fully happen : China and Russia will not transfer power to the UN no matter what. The CCP of China is in my opinion far greater problem.

You break a big problem by attacking its parts individually and slowly but surely it loses its cohesion and evaporates when nothing left standing. The people spending time dealing with the vaccine problem and the people spending time fighting the corruption in the US elections are working on seemingly unrelated problems but if each group wins the case, see how the big vision of the Globalists will get a healthy knock !

Essentially I agree with most of what you write but you are off on some aspects of this virus and the vaccine: 2 people of my own family DIED after taking this vaccine, it is damn lethal. I also know of close friends who turned from perfectly healthy human beings into very sick and dependent on taking piles of pills daily.

Even for those who seem to survive the shot, no one knows for sure where this vaccine is taking them, but it is certainly nowhere good.
Stay safe and unvaccinated,


REPLY: I agree, and our computer shows that these people WILL FAIL. Russia and China will NOT surrender their sovereignty to the UN. This is the same stupid idea that was behind creating the Eurozone. Here is a video clip of the former president of France. Listen to what he is saying. This idea of creating a one-world government has been around for a long-time and it springs from World War II. The idea is that if there is ONLY one government, then that would eliminate war. It is a dream of academics without any understanding of reality.

Greek Protest Natzi

When there were protests over the economic conditions imposed on Greece, they dressed up as Nazis. It does not take the government to create war, we are all different with different cultures. The Greeks forgave the German debts after World War II but Merkel refused to forgive the Greek debts because she made a political promise. There are cultural differences and history that run deep. Years ago I was meeting in Yugoslavia with the government officials and they mentioned how 600 Serbs were massacred and buried in a common grave. I thought I had missed that in the news. When I asked when did this happen, they said about 700 years ago.

Histories run deep without formal governments. Yes, there can be individuals who want war for retribution like Hitler, for power like Napoleon, or for a Great Reset like Marx and Mao.

As far as the vaccines are concerned, I too know people who have died within one week. I will not take the vaccine and I will not give my business to any company that mandates a vaccine. I have written off New York City. I would buy play tickets on Broadway and enjoyed going to New York for the Christmas atmosphere. Obviously, those days are gone. Some companies are resisting like American Airlines whereas I have crossed United Airlines off the list because of their mandates. First, it displays to the entire world that the CEO is not qualified to run such a company to make decisions of health that are personal choices and this is no more lethal than the flu. So will the flu shot also be made mandatory to go to dinner? How about every other vaccine? Perhaps you should be imprisoned if you do not have a Tetanus shot for you never know.

Where this all ends is simply TYRANNY. Thank God for China and Russia right now. For they will defend their people and prevent this one-world government that is an absurd dream.