The Global Corruption

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COMMENT: Hi Martin
I’m a Kiwi living in France with a French wife. We have chosen not to take the covid jabs and it’s been a bad week for us. On Monday we found out that New Zealand will no longer allow non citizens into the country without evidence of the covid jab. Both my son and myself a New Zealand citizens but my wife is not and we are obviously not going anywhere without her. My mother in New Zealand is elderly and who knows if I will see her again.
Now, we learn that the French socialists are putting forward a bill in the Senate to make covid jabs obligatory in France beginning January 2022.
We don’t know this bill will pass or not. I began this message to you to ask you where we could go and live without medical harassment. But I think the time has come to look evil dead in the face and stand our ground. How far do you think this is going to go before they ultimately fail?
Thanks again for all you do.


REPLY: This is all about following Schwab and his Great Reset. They are moving methodically to prevent movement which is intended to restrict the non-consenters who, in their minds, would rise up. They are intending to raise taxes dramatically and are deliberately trying to put small businesses out to kill as many jobs as possible so they can rebuild the world GREEN — Build Back Better.

They will default on government debt, replace pensions with GUARANTEED BASIC INCOME, and they are intending to eliminate any real impact of democracy. Any vote will be inconsequential and this is the Agenda 2030 that Schwab has sold to these people.

I believe the vaccines are simply to identify the “trouble makers” and that is their main purpose since being vaccinated you still can get COVID, die and spread it. So this is all bullshit. The entire purpose is political. The will probably come to a head in 2022. When the vaccinated realize that it neither prevents them from getting COVID, nor spreading it when they realize it will require shots regularly for a disease that they probably created in a lab and deliberately released to create medical tyranny, even the vaccinated may start to open their eyes.



Your fearless leader in New Zealand ONLY backed off because of the exposure of bribes in New South Wales. I believe that massive bribes have been paid as “donations,” and they have used a host of small groups to funnel the money so it does not appear to be one entity. The people on the ground delivering these messages are typically what are called lobbyists. One would have to go after them to trace the source of the funds, but I think the source will become self-evident.

From France, you can go to Mexico. That is OPEN. From there, after about two weeks, you can make it to the United States without a vaccine. The Democrats allow all the Mexicans to enter if they vote Democrat, and the rumor is Biden will issue an executive order before the 2022 midterm granting all illegals citizenship to vote. They want to flip Texas.

This makes no sense with these vaccines. If you are vaccinated, you can still get COVID and spread it. The ONLY purpose of the vaccine is to separate the “resistance” for political purposes.

This is all about defaulting on debt. The system is no longer sustainable.