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Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi Why Do Not Get Vaccinated or Booster

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Antibody Response

Professor Bhakdi refers to new studies published by The Lancet which show that this is not such an unusual virus that the body does not recognize. It responds to the virus quickly showing vaccination is not necessary. Corona Viruses are different from Influenza and Bacteria or a Fungus. While I believe this virus was created in a lab, it is still a Coronavirus and it is not that dangerous to the majority of the population – the elderly yes, because their immune systems are starting to fail which eventually allows us to pass on to another dimension.

Meanwhile, a serious number of doctors and lawyers are filing lawsuits for violating the Nuremberg Codes and conducting experimental vaccines on humans. Resistance is not futile, but our problem is the extent of the corruption which has consumed politicians worldwide.

Lockdown World 2

I cannot stress enough that this virus has been DELIBERATELY called a pandemic for political and economic reasons – not health. The lockdowns are absurd and the destruction to the world economy is intended to set the stage for Schwab’s Great Reset – Build Back Better which is the slogan created by the World Economic Forum and adopted by world leaders.

Schwab Biden Merkel Schwab Schwab Charles


The fact that Biden will not even investigate more consider firing Fauci proves one point – this is a political agenda and has nothing to do with health. They are seeking to change the world monetary system because it is collapsing. I have argued until my voice has failed. There were solutions available that retained our liberty. The problem was, the governments would lose power. Their choice is to retain power by moving to a totalitarian state and end our human rights as we have known them. Even Fauci has openly said – he is not concerned about our liberty.