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Political Cartoonist Fired in Australia For Showing Truth

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Age Cartoon

Michael Leunig was sacked by the Australian newspaper “The Age.” Vaccines mandated by government have never taken place in history. How dare someone call into question such dictates of governments. Then to have the audacity to equate such tactics to the practices of Communist governments where liberty was never even a privilege, no less a right. In Australia, they are already hinting that you will need continued boosters to retain any rights whatsoever. The press has crossed over to the other side. They now stand against the people and are merely transforming into propaganda organizations as they were under communism.



Here we have Hillary telling BBC that Britain should fire anyone who refuses to take a vaccine, even for religious reasons, now that it has been leaked that these vaccines were made from aborted fetuses. Those in government are out to control people because socialism is collapsing. They are moving to a new authoritarian form of government where they intend to terminate democracy as they have done in Europe. The people never get to vote for the head of Europe nor for the European Commission that makes the laws. Nobody in real power in Europe ever stands for election. They are bringing this system worldwide. The NEW NORM is you have no rights anymore — everything is simply a privilege that they can withdraw as they please.

Schwab WEF End of Democracy


These same tactics in Russia led to civil war. Will that appear in the West 2022/2023?