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History Warns – All Governments are the Same!

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Man Kangaroo

A man pawns himself off as a baby Kangaroo’s mother. Politicians have LEARNED that they too can pretend that they are your parent and are solely interested in taking care of you when their objective is really raw power.

Government prtend to be family

Government presents itself as if it truly cares about “We the People” when behind closed doors it has nothing but contempt for the people, who they view as easily manipulated and too stupid to know what is best for them.

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Everything they do is couched as pretending to protect society when they have no respect for the people or our liberty.


Fauci even said he does not concern himself with the loss of our liberty. Yet, these same people will send us off to war pretending it is to preserve our way of life.

Government Spying on EverythingStasi East Files

Not only has Snowden exposed that they have collected a dossier on every single person just in case they need to look at your life, but they spy on everything we do, say, or even think. Our government is following the very same path as the most notorious Communist Secret Police in Germany — the Stazi. They are collecting data on everyone. As Amnesty International reported, the Stasi’s massive archive held files on millions.

FBI Report Family

Once more, we have the government telling us to report family members to the government.

Thrasymachus Quote

History Repeats Because the Passions of Man Never Change – All governments act the same.