Ebay Joins Cancel Culture

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I find this truly just amazing. Dr. Seuss is obviously far more dangerous than Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” or any of the works of Karl Marx who was responsible for the deaths of over 200 million people with his Socialist/Communist revolutions.

Indeed, I have a very extensive library. It did not include the books of Dr. Seuss, but now that they are so political, I will have to get copies for my library.  But I do have everything from Adam Smith to Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, and Lenin. It is important to understand the thinking process. It does not mean that by simply reading Marx I fall under some spell and act like a robot.

I have mentioned several times how they named Philadelphia because in Greek it meant “brotherly love,” which they viewed in a Christian sense. The proper context meant incest or the literal meaning of brotherly love.

Context is everything. They tear down statutes like the one in New York simply because it showed an African and an American Indian. Suddenly, it was racist when it was only symbolic of two continents.

What is next? Do we burn all history books because of Hitler’s extermination of different people? So we are to eradicate the history of such events because they offend someone somewhere?


Discrimination is now perfectly acceptable as long as it’s against someone’s thoughts and what they write – just not their race or gender.