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Censorship is Now the Norm – Free Speech is Officially Gone

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Google has just banned Parlar App and Apple has declared it will do the same giving them 24 hours. Twitter’s permanent ban on Trump shows that it is by no means a mere platform but is a political agenda in and of itself. Facebook has also banned Trump. For all the community guidelines are just a smokescreen. They are determined to try to prevent him from ever running for anything again or to use the internet to organize even a 3rd party. Meanwhile, the House will move to impeach Trump on Monday in a move to discredit him and all those who voted for him.

There are reports that thousands of conservatives have their accounts being deleted in a wholesale purge even if they had nothing to do with the siege of Congress. As I have warned, to me, this is the fault of the Supreme Court. It was their duty to rule was there evidence or not – plain and simple. Had they only ruled, this NEVER would have happened and that is assuming it was only Trump supporters while others are saying Antifa led the charge. If there was no evidence – just say so! But no. The courts are there to PREVENT violence. Refusing to rule, I have warned, leaves the only solution is violence. Just look at history! This is the very purpose of courts to ensure that civilization is maintained – i.e. remaining “civil” rather than violent.

Under all socialist/Marxism revolutions, the very first thing that goes is free speech. Next comes the loss of the freedom of movement – papers, please! The final stage is simply total oppression/surveillance and turning everyone against each other to prevent uprisings – see something say something. They are using Trump to simply demoralize all conservatives so they can have a free hand on Capitol Hill. Republicans will be intimidated to now support the Democrats and if they oppose, they will be painted with the same brush.

The future will not be anything resembling the past. The restraints upon free speech are politically motivated. They will now seek to suppress all opposition. We are looking at serious implications for the markets, capital flows, and the very future of all our freedoms, rights, privileges, and immunities. The Republicans will offer little opposition moving forward.

There is now a mad rush to abandon Google for DuckDuckGo.

I do not believe that at this stage there will be ANY Federal Court that will EVER rule in favor of the Constitution v any measures that will be submitted. The courts have gotten their example from the Supreme Court. The rule of law is finished. They will use the siege of the capital to silence any conservative and declare all such people who voted for Trump are suspect. They will keep this narrative in the main press the same as they kept the 911 scenarios suppressed.

All we need to do is look to Boris Johnson in England. He has delivered a blunt ultimatum – obey him or people will die. There is no debt anymore.

In this atmosphere, just where we put assets and investment will be a difficult decision, to say the least. We need to Turn to Socrates for this one.