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Australia & Argentina

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Sydney Australia

COMMENT #1: Hi Martin

Keep up your great work and please share the light at the end of the tunnel. I am in Sydney, Australia in lockdown and your article of today sums up our plight.

Please take care.

COMMENT #2: I thought the insanity as you call it was confined to Victoria. They have turned Sydney into a prison. We met briefly when you spoke here in Sydney for Bain & Co. after the 1987 Crash. You were impressive back then. What you wrote today was the best description of our politicians I have read to date.


COMMENT #3: Dear Martin Armstrong.
you were right. COVID was the final blow for socialism in Argentina
A first & true libertarian movement is here in Buenos Aires. LIbertarian party ( Partido Libertario)
went from 0 to 10% in 2 years. the big bang + covid completely destroyed socialism
Youth people are going libertarian above +50% or more  here in Buenos Aires
And now they are a powerful third force.
The leader’s name is Javier Milei and these coming elections next month may confirm that the Partido Libertario is established as a third force-multiplying by 5 the expected vote from old leftist parties.



Light Ahead

REPLY: There is a light at the end of the tunnel. They know they are starting to lose, so they are stepping up the tyranny because whoever is pulling the string seems to have been following our timing model. This implies that they know their window in time closes by 2022. As a result, they are stepping up the pressure to change the world, and as such, people are starting to take notice. It is so critical that the people do not remain silent, for their silence and willful surrender in their obedience to authority will terminate our freedom post-2022.