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Are We in the Middle of Absolute Tyranny?

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COMMENT: Martin and team:
With Trudeau fully on board with the Great Reset, canceling the $CDN and going fully digital is just another step to fulfill his goal.  I must confess I don’t quite understand the full significance of this and I am not sure if this is going to be reported by the mainstream media here in Canada

Unfortunately, I am sorely disappointed with the reporting of the Canadian mainstream media’s coverage of the US election as they merely regurgitate the fake news in the US.  In my opinion, if you want better fake new propaganda there is CNN and if you want a better in-depth discussion of what is really going on then you have to go to Fox news in the US (CNN had tried to stop the cable companies from carrying Fox News).
I believe if Trudeau is allowed to stay in power in the upcoming spring election (he will call one and looks like he may have a good chance of getting re-elected) he will lead our country further down the path of destruction.  We will truly become the Venezuela of the great white north, blessed with an abundance of natural resources but getting poorer due to policies driven by political ideology.  Trudeau had only given token gesture with Biden’s cancellation of the pipeline.  I believe he is also destroying our parliamentary system by not allowing the opposition party to ask legitimate questions and have a meaningful debate in the house of commons ( that is why it has canceled the currency in secrecy).

Furthermore, as we are bombarded by COVID infection and death tolls every day, the mainstream media here in BC is pushing for a more severe lockdown citing Australia as the model for getting their citizen back to “normal” life. Many in the public are angry at those who do not fully comply and want the government to impose severe fines and jail time.  Of course, they also believe the vaccine will end the lockdown.    I wonder if they really know what it is like to live under a communist regime (as one of your readers had written about what is happening in Czechoslovakia).  I will try to write to talks show hosts in radio stations who will at least listen to different viewpoints without immediately being dismissed as spreading conspiracy lies.

I am sure many of your Canadian subscribers will be eagerly awaiting your report on Canada.  I also believe we are at a crossroads here.  If we do not speak up now we will be living for the rest of our lives like sheep.
Please keep up the good work and many thanks for the important messages you are writing in your blog.

WEF Conspiracy

REPLY: The degree of manipulation of the public on such a grand scale calls into question whether these people are being outright bribed like those at LANCET. This is a very well organized global scheme. I find it astonishing that anyone who criticizes this agenda the mainstream press is calling a conspiracy theorist. Boris Johnson even admits this is “radical” reform. He was not elected to change the world economic system. Where do these people get off changing everything, while never bothering to tell people the extent of their real plans.

It reminds me of a prosecutor trying to discredit a witness against a banker. A prosecutor asks, When was the last time he beat his wife? He responds, “Never!” He calls his wife as a witness and she swears he never beat her. The prosecutor tells the jury she lied because she was afraid she would be beaten again. He is discredited as a witness with nothing more than words.

These people are deliberately trying to change the world. They could not scare the people with climate change so they used a virus and then perhaps bribed key politicians so they never would have to submit what they had in mind to a public vote. Is this outright tyranny? If it is not, then nothing is!


They will still fail!