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The Global Hunt for Money

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Global-Political Economy


Dear Martin,
The hunting for taxes is a non stop game in Portugal. Now, the new government, decided to increase fuel taxes as they said because “oil price is going down and government is getting less VAT due to lower prices.”. This was THE OFFICIAL government explanation to add a special tax on fuel!
At same time, the same politicians, are cutting public employees working hours from 40 to 35 hours per week and planning new public spending.
Can this government be surprised with the recent move on portuguese 10 year spread vs Germany from 170bp to 420bp?
With admiration for your work,
REPLY: I just did an interview with a major press publication and for the first time they asked my opinion on politics and Trump, taking note that I have said this is a global phenomenon. I found it very interesting that they called me to be a political commentator knowing I travel the world. This is very interesting. Slowly, the eyes are opening.