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Did NY Times Say Thomas Edison Should be Hanged for Inventing Stuff?

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Edison Thomas A. 1847 1931

At the peak of the Economic Confidence Model 1878.15 (February 24th), the Public Wave before the Private Wave that peaked in 1929, technology was frightening people. The NY Times editorial came out about one month from the ECM turning point on March 25th, 1878 against this horrible person by the name of Thomas Edison. What did they think was so frightening? His invention of the phonograph and aereophone. They saw this as destroying everyone’s privacy. OMG, can you imagine someone recording what you had to say?  They wrote:

“Something ought to be done to Mr. EDISON, and there is a growing conviction that it had better be done with a hemp rope. Mr. EDISON has invented too many things, and almost without exception they are things of the most deleterious character. …”

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