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Are Tech Companies Protecting You Know Who?

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Junk Emails

COMMENT: Hello Martin,

Thanks for everything that you do. Just wanted to share an observation.

I am using a dell PC with Microsoft operating system. Over the past few days your mails that refer to Bill gates have magically ended up in my junk mail. I only noticed as I get your mails direct to my home PC and also my phone ( Samsung S.9.) The Phone is showing all your posts but the PC only some. for example today the mails that were hidden from view are ” Are Gates & Schwab Committing Crimes Against Humanity. Also the very Excellent video ” The Pandemic to Future Climate Change Agenda “. Less controversial posts are getting though on the PC and had it not been for the diffidence in the two platforms ( PC and Phone) I would have never checked.

You are certainly touching a nerve.

With Great Respect from the UK.

Best wishes


REPLY: A number of people are reporting the same thing. If “GATES” is in the email, there may be some filter to send it off to JUNK.  This is the problem when they are all supporting this Gates agenda because eliminating cash means they will get a piece of every transaction in the world.