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UAE to Introduce Corporate Taxes

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Tax havens are in short supply. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently announced that it will implement a new federal corporate tax on business profits. Part of what attracted business to the UAE was its tax-free status and the move could hurt new money from migrating to the UAE. The new tax will go into effect on June 1, 2023.

“The UAE corporate tax regime will be amongst the most competitive in the world,” the Finance Ministry stated on Monday. The tax rate will stand at 9% for profits exceeding 375,000 United Arab Emirates dirhams ($102,000), while businesses earning under that amount will not be taxed “to support small businesses and startups.” A 9% rate is still certainly competitive compared to other nations.

The UAE will not implement a tax on personal income or capital gains from real estate and equities. Free zone businesses will be permitted to exist in the country, so long as they meet all the necessary requirements. Some say the move will help the UAE move away from its reliance on oil exportation as it diversifies into trade, business, and tourism. Countries that solely rely on their natural resources have trouble maintaining long-term economic growth. However, reliance on taxation is never sustainable as governments continue to spend and whatever tax is in place will eventually rise.