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TSA Robs American of his Life Savings of $58,100 who was Taking Cash Back to Albania

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The latest in Civil Asset Forfeiture has once again demonstrated how corrupt the government has become. Rustem Kazazi, who is an American citizen, was simply flying to Albania where he was from to repair a home he still owned there.  He had $58,100 in cash in his carry on luggage. When he ran it through the x-ray machine TSA saw the cash and pulled him off to a private room. After strip searching him, they simply stole all his money which was his life savings.

The banking system is not very reliable in Albania so he was trying to take cash instead. What he failed to realize is that the TSA is far more reliable. They will keep CASH for themselves which goes to their budget and pensions if it is more than $10,000. They do not tell you in advance that you cannot take cash when you leave. They always ask how much cash you have when you return. The TSA has become the new highway robbers of all time.

DO NOT get on a plane with cash even for domestic flights. They will take it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!