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Troops Inspecting People at Canadian Border

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Military Exercises Civil Unrest

Here’s an update on a new militarization event on a USA-to-Canada vehicle border crossing at Port-Huron bridge, MI.
At 3 am Sat morning I was bottled necked at the Toll bridge, on the USA side, with only one lane open for both truck and car traffic.
The short of the story, is that there were 8 armed soldiers outfitted in full gear, 4 surrounded the car corners, 2 circled and inspected the vehicle, one stood in front 20 ft directly in front. The 8th soldier asked for my papers and citizen ship and purpose for my trip to Canada.
I watched the soldiers open the trunk of the car ahead of me, open the rear doors and clear the vehicle. What was striking was the illumination of light were the cars were being inspected, and the 3 support soldiers standing in the shadow of the lights standing in a ready-aggression posture.
I passed through completely unfazed, afterwards I was reflecting how I was not surprised that we reached this point. TSA agents at the airport frisking you is one thing, facing armed soldiers to pass the most peaceful border in the world is new level of reality.
I am only curious if this was an isolated event or the beginning of new-normal.
Cheers – E


ANSWER: We are getting reports that this is taking place much more than single isolated events. They may perhaps be looking for money.