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The Termination of Cash Approaching Rapidly

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Hunt MoneyThe hunt for money is intensifying with the aid of banks no less. India was the balloon. They simply canceled the current with no notice and imposed a 90% tax on anyone holding the high denomination notes. This is how the world governments operate. The first bail-in was done in Cyprus. We were even contacted by members of the government trying to push back against the EU. We provided the solution, but the government did what the EU wanted because this was a test. If they got away with it in Cyprus, then the “bail-in” would become a contagion. The politicians lied, as usual, and said that policy would NEVER be applied in Europe. It is now standard around the world. We warned, Cyprus, then Greece – who would be next.

Now following India, Citibank is refusing to accept ANY cash in some of its branches in Australia. Banks support eliminating cash for that means they eliminate bank runs. Government benefits for they can simply seize your money without any notice whatsoever. The ONLY way to get off the grid for serious money is to run into equities. The only way to hedge broker risk is to take delivery of the share certificates and do not leave them in street name.

Summers LarryMeanwhile, the father of NEGATIVE interest rates and the great supporter of bankers, the establishment, socialism, and anti-democratic process is Larry Summers. He wrote in the left-wing newspaper Washington Post that it is time to kill the $100 bill. The Washington Post endorsed Hillary and had the audacity to write: The Democratic nominee is not the lesser of two evils. She is a choice Americans can be proud of. (Adriana Usero, Julio Negron/The Washington Post)”(see hillary-clinton-for-president-the-washington-postThis endorsement demonstrated how biased the Washington Post really is and how they are conspiring against the people of the United States for the establishment no less the left-wing that supports a deeply rooted Marxist agenda. This is why they published this piece by Larry Summers.

I am becoming deeply concerned that the United States is headed into its version of a communist revolution under the label “progressive” and the bankers, who Larry Summers has always supported, will be used as the scapegoat for Wall Street and the “rich” who have to be stripped of their liberty and their money for the “good of the people” as they always say. The United States does not look like it will be a country we can recognize by 2032 if we can even make it past 2024. The United States will most likely break apart by 2036. There are separatist movements rising in many areas from Vermont and Texas to California, who reasons they voted for Hillary not Trump justifying their departure.

The entire purpose of eliminating cash is to strip us of our assets, liberty, and to prevent bank runs. The youth, who have been brainwashed by Bernie Sanders and people like Elizabeth Warren, will turn against the older generation and enslave them if at all possible. This threatens our future with outright civil war. They will not be satisfied until they destroy the freedom of their opposition. It is starting to appear that 2036 is our date with destiny.