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The Hunt For Taxes – Sell & Leave Before It is too late?

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QUESTION: Dear MR. Armstrong,
As a long time subscriber to your basic level Socrates,I’m very grateful for the guidance I’ve received.I have a question. In the hunt for taxes my Canadian government just assessed me over $80,000.00 for unreported income. I pay my taxes Mr Armstrong, the Canadian government pulled my bank records and although what I said was verified by those records, they refused to accept them! Even my tax lawyer was astounded.Now a difficult question for me.I’m retired and have no income presently.But I do own my on home.To pay off the CRA I’m considering getting a Reverse Mortgage on my home.They charge 6% monthly on the unpaid settlement so if I can get the RM at say 5% and use the extra to buy gold, perhaps over 5 years I can beat this burden.Would you recommend this strategy to your Mother or what else can I do.
Best Regards,


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ANSWER: Perhaps that is all you can do. The tax authorities are pulling those tactics far more often because they are broke and it will get far worse. I strongly advise to get a retirement visa from Thailand. You may have to just change your domicile to get away from this hunt for taxes that will continue to get worse. You are already hit. They will usually shift the burden of proof to you and just assume everything you have belongs to them. This is part of the economic tyranny we face.

It really is best to sell fixed assets in countries with aggressive tax agencies so they cannot take your home. Another thing they do, like the USA, is to cancel your passport if you owe them more than $50,000. We are economic slaves. We have truly lost all our freedoms.

I do not know what else to say, You are dancing with the devil and the rule of law has vanished. Justice died with the beginning of direct taxation embracing the income tax and Marxism. Justice is indeed just the will of the government.