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Public Sectors are Devouering the Private Sector

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British Protest Note Enlargement

QUESTION: Dear Marty, I understand your general message and totally agree with it. I now see the big picture in a systematic trend and everything moving in the direction Socrates has forecast. I do have a few questions though. Can we call the trend: the public sectors trend to swallow the private sector? In other words, governments desire to “assimilate” the individual? And by trying to do so burn everything including itself to ashes from which hopefully a phoenix (new better system) will rise?

Evil Government

ANSWER: Unfortunately, yes. This is really how empires, nations, and city-states collapse. Government will hunt every dime to try to survive. The unfunded liabilities will drive them toward dark authoritarian forms of government. This is the crash and burn mode. All we can do is try to educate the people who are the real culprit here. They will claim it’s the rich to justify confiscating assets. We already have 65 million people in the USA who have been charged with something. They then can eliminate your right to even vote by simply charging you with something. They then make it a crime for anyone charged with a crime to have a gun, even if the crime is tax evasion.

British Protest Note

The American Revolution took place because the king had decreed 240 felonies. If you were charged with a felony, the penalty was death. This benefited the king because he was able to confiscate all your property, and your wife and kids would be thrown out on the street.

Here is a note where the law was written that anyone in POSSESSION of a forged banknote was a felon and subject to death. This protest imitation shows people hanging. They were not the forgers. They merely accepted such a note and tried to spend it. This was highly profitable for the king who was desperate for money to fight wars.

Unfortunately, we do not have a government of the people, by the people, for the people. The people are the victims as they always become under any Republican form of government historically.

History repeats because human nature never changes.