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Obama: If Apple Does Not Allow Govt. to Hack Phones Then “Everybody is Walking Around with a Swiss Bank Account”

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The politicians are scared to death of Trump because he does what they fear to do: speak his mind. Politicians have to be prevaricators, hypocrites, and liars every single day. The problem becomes a major conflict when their lies are exposed when pursuing another dubious goal. Obama has slipped but, of course, the mainstream media will not call him out for it. In his support to force Apple to write a program to hack all phones, he admitted this was not about terrorism, but taxes. Obama has come out and actually said that if the government can’t access everyone’s phones, then “everybody is walking around with a Swiss Bank account in their pocket.” Gee. What happened to the terrorist?

As I have been warning, this is the hunt for money because they are dead broke. We are losing ALL our rights, privileges, and immunities because they want our money. They are, indeed, creating George Orwell’s frightening view of the future in his classic work “1984.” Our government has made hiding money from the government “money laundering” and can imprison you for 20 years if found guilty. They lie to us all the time about everything. Above all, we lie to ourselves because we want to believe something that is typically in our self-interest. The person listens to his own justification of political lies and lies to himself. It then reaches a point where they cannot distinguish the truth when confronted with a contradiction. Ultimately, they lose all respect for themselves and for others. They fall down the stairs of integrity until they reach the bottom and lose it all because they refused to question the lies that fed their own self-interests. They have no respect left for anything and are incapable of caring or love for it is only about them.