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Marxist Socialism now relabeled as the Sharing Economy

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Canada CRA

In Canada, I was in a discussion with a socialist politician. I was shocked at the response to their view of the economy that everything you earned belonged to the state and they decided how much you were allowed to keep. This same attitude is displayed by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). They have cleaned up the way they say it softening the words and injecting a new term calling this a “sharing economy” and equating it to five key sectors of the sharing economy as being: “accommodation sharing, ride sharing, music and video streaming, online staffing, and peer/crowd funding.” The CRA is now selling socialism by relabeling this as a new “sharing economy” that assert “is becoming bigger part of the general economy, and that it is cooperating with industries, provinces, and territories on how tax systems and compliance is affected by such changes.”

This new “sharing economy” is Marxist socialism warmed over. The CRA says: “The sharing economy is a technologically fuelled way to consume and access property and services.” They added: “In this economy, communities pool, loan, and share their resources through networks of trust.”

You are not capable of being able to manage your own affairs and are way too stupid to understand what is the best way to spend money. Therefore, the CRA explains that the tax obligations for individuals or small businesses involved in the “sharing economy” means they MUST report ALL income earned through “such activities, as well as meet goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax requirements.”