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Lagarde – Wants to Raise Retirement Age & Taxes

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Christine Lagarde remains at the IMF as one of three Troika members because she is a Socialist. She is now on board with raising both the retirement age and taxes while closing all borders to the movement of capital. She is also pushing behind the curtain for the SDR to replace the dollar, and then the IMF would become the power behind a one-world currency without ever having to stand for election.

Lagarde is pitching lifting retirement ages as a priority and is using the increase in longevity gains to match her excuse. People have been taxed their whole lives and governments have squandered that money while making lavish promises. Lagarde retained her position at the IMF because she can push the Socialist agenda that is robbing the average person. She does not have to worry about elections so she can do as she likes.

Pension systems around the world are collapsing, not just due to demographics, but due to the stupidity of government management. Lagarde is looking to use demographics as the excuse because governments have been robbing the people all along while blaming the rich. Lagarde is looking to alter the pension system by extending the “productive life” expectancy. Extending the retirement age will allow them to tax you longer in life while shortening your benefit period of retirement. If government was managed properly and honestly, there would be no such crisis had money actually been saved instead of spent.

Lagard has been running around the world, threatening to block all tax havens from the Swift System if they do not turn over all accounts. She even threatened the Vatican. Then, she proposed broadening the tax base for consumption taxes (value-added or sales taxes), so everyone will pay a lot more (the internet included). Lagarde also wants to increase taxation of energy. She sees the fall in oil as a windfall for new taxation to take prices back to their highs while enriching government.

Then she wants to improve taxation collection and proposes a tax on multinational corporations. She has supported the 2017 G20 accord to share info on everyone. Thus, Lagarde seeks to expand tax enforcement on a global scale, making sure there is no place to hide. On the fiscal side, she argues that governments need to be managed better. However, she has no real suggestions on how to accomplish that goal.

Beware of the IMF. They are seeking to emerge as the leader of a new one-world currency system.