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IRS Helps Illegal Aliens use Stolen Social Securities Numbers

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One of the reforms we have presented in our Solution is why income taxes have become obsolete and should be eliminated. The only people who pay income taxes are citizens and green card holders. Illegal aliens need not apply. Elizabeth Warren has introduced an idea that would allow U.S. taxpayers to have the government do their taxes for them—for free. Since the government tracks everything, they already get reports from employers and banks and match everything up to check what people claim on their returns. Warren proposes that people should not have to file a return and let the government simply calculate your income tax. The interesting aspect is you really do not have to pay your taxes. They cannot imprison you for that. The prison is the FAILURE TO FILE. You can say look I owe you $2 million but I cannot pay. They will hunt down all accounts, freeze what they can, but they cannot imprison you for an inability to pay. So if she eliminates the need to file, she decriminalizes the income tax.

IRS-buildingYet this difference between a citizen/green card holder and an illegal alien is important. Aliens do not have to pay taxes. Those looking to establish themselves in the USA use real Social Security numbers often of dead people. The IRS has admitted it even encourages illegal aliens to use stolen SS numbers. Forbes has reported on this issue and it is shocking. The IRS wants illegal immigrants to illegally use Social Security numbers and admitted that before Congress. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen shocked everyone responding to a question from Sen. Dan Coats (R-Indiana) at a Senate Finance Committee meeting. The question asked was effectively if the IRS was collaborating with taxpayers who file tax returns using fraudulent information? The IRS admitted that it processes tax returns even with false W-2 information and issue refunds as if they were routine tax returns. The IRS actually ignores any notification from the Social Security Administration that a name does not match a Social Security number. The IRS justifies its policy saying that as long as the information is being used only to fraudulently obtain jobs, the IRS was perfectly fine with that. The Commissioner even went further stating that the IRS actually had an interest in helping the illegal immigrants to pay taxes. So much for terrorism. Just show me the money should be their slogan.