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Germany About to Raise Property Taxes Significantly

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The greatest problem with real estate is you cannot pick up and leave. The Federal Council in Germany is planning to re-evaluate the approximately 35 million homes in Germany. It is now expected that the result is likely to be a significant increase in the property tax. Administrative expenses for the state fund-raising action is very significant and more than 50% of municipalities were in financial trouble BEFORE the refugee crisis.

This is the final stage of property before capital begins to shift to equities. The significant difference appears before a major crisis or Dark Age event. The property becomes the target of taxation and as taxes become insane, property values decline. The end game is people just leave. This is how what use to be vibrant places to live become ghettos. If the cycle become extensive and people migrate just walking away, you go through the phase such as Detroit and move on to situations like Rome. They have no choice but to abandon the property. This can be created by excessive taxation or political instability such as an invasion.