Corruption within Corruption

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We are all plagued by the abuse of these red-light cameras that just rack up money for companies and governments. The former chief executive of Chicago’s first red-light camera vendor was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison and over $2 million in restitution for paying bribes to a city official to help procure the contracts. These corrupt cameras changed the duration of a yellow light to increase tickets, and now vendors are paying politicians bribes to get their cameras in over someone else is finally being exposed.

Red-light cameras are UNCONSTITUTIONAL for you have a right to confrontation, which they ignore. Various class-actions lawsuits have forced these cameras to be shut down in many states. Quite frankly, I would put every last one of these companies out of business. They are disgusting enterprises that prey upon the average person by sending their insurance bills higher and extracting disposable income for their own corrupt enterprises. The inventor of these scams should be thrown in prison along with every CEO of every last company involved in this corruption where they should share a cell with the politicians who betrayed the people’s trust.