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Climate Change – A Fraud to Justify More Taxes

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The global climate change crowd really needs to be imprisoned. They have been deliberately creating a giant fraud that is just amazing. The low in the energy output of the sun was during the late 1700s. They have attributed everything to man and ignored long historical evidence that demonstrates that there is a cyclical beat to the sun, just as there is to your heart.

Anyone with a background in electrical engineering can tell you the difference between DC (direct current) and AC (alternating current) is straightforward. AC is adding a cycle to the energy that can be transmitted over distances. DC is a constant output at one level. As in economics, where people want to eliminate the boom and bust cycle to create a DC economic world. The problem is that resistance will wear down the current, and as soon as it declines ever so slightly, it ceases to function.

Everything in the universe functions to a cyclical beat. That is the supreme design of everything. This is not the Theory of Everything – it is the Fact of Everything. The global warming con artists are clever, but reveal either their stupidity or their total dishonesty. There is no in-between here. If they have not done their research historically beyond 1800 AD, then they are complacent, or have done so and are trying to find post-1800s examples to suit their tactic to get money.

So they are either stupid or criminal, but it is starting to look like the latter. A commission is starting to investigate their manipulation of data to adjust it like the government does to CPI, unemployment, and GDP. The British newspaper, the Telegraph, has led the charge in exposing the duplicity of the global warming crowd. I for one, think that they should be criminally prosecuted for what they have done.