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Biden’s Build Back Better – Selling Out America

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Build Back Better Biden Johnson

Congress passed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, and then the new American Communist press shifted their focus immediately to the Democratic legislation known as the Build Back Better Act. That bill includes a host of progressive priorities such as paid family and sick leave, public housing, child care, and universal preschool. Add to that $550 billion aimed at fighting climate change. To get this through, they need absolutely every Democratic vote. Once again, they are trying to bribe people for votes. It would be far better to eliminate taxation and stop borrowing from people interest-free and pretending to be Santa Claus by giving back their own money as a refund.

Gates Controlling the World

Half that money is for the Gates’ climate change agenda. He has his money safely tucked away in a fake foundation he uses for power-monopoly play. Everyone else will be devastated by the tax increases, but he will be untouched. They will lower the standard of living with all the new regulations and criminal prosecutions on environmental theories.