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Belgium & the Hunt for Taxes

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Dear Marty,


Thnx for all the insights.


Since a couple of months at a drive in chain in Belgium (Arlon) a couple of miles from the Luxembourg border it’s not possible to pay with 500euro nor with 200 euro notes anymore!

That’s on of the proofs they are hunting people with money….


I live in the Netherlands in the south near German and Belgium border……this summer tax border control (Douane in Dutch) was checking all cars and trucks 2 times in 2 months during the summer holiday period…how desperate in search of money they can be?!

All the police officers they use for these operations are really young. For me a proof of a brain washed and brain death  generation.


Not only government will be the ‘enemy’ also the greed of the ‘brain death’ collective will be and is breeded as the next ‘enemy’.





REPLY: Thanks for contributing. It is amazing. They print 200 and 500 euro notes and then assume you are up to something to hide taxes so they can confiscate them. And we call these people “representatives”? Of who exactly?