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2017: The Year from Political Hell

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QUESTION: Greetings Elections were always the same dates, why is it that we’ve only started discussing them in the last week?




ANSWER: It is not just the USA this time, it is France and Germany, plus the referendum vote on Britain leaving the EU. All of this will bring a lot of uncertainty to Europe which will drive more capital into the dollar on sheer anticipation.

2017-Budget Deficit

It is not dramatic with the USA alone. It is the correlation of all political trends hitting in 2017. In the USA, this is when everything goes negative, and that is the government’s own budget. So this time, the public will start to hear more about the budget crisis we face.


This is also why the G20 will start to track all money movement. I reported how as an employer, I cannot even give an employee a gift of more than $25. You cannot buy dinner for them nor a bottle of champagne. These people have mismanaged government and we are always the problem — never them.

They will FIRST raise taxes and tax enforcement before they ever reform. Starting today, Greeks will have to report anything of value held outside of the banks. This is the BALLOON. If they get away with this, you are next, for it will extend everywhere in 2017. Then there is the mad rush to move to electronic money to prevent people from hoarding cash outside of banks. This is why we have presented the SOLUTION that necessitates the end of public debt and the end of taxes for both are obsolete when there is no intention of ever repaying the debt.

One small business owner wrote to tell us that they now must supply their bank with photo ID to deposit cash, even as a small business owner dealing with the public IN THE UNITED STATES.

The sum of all our worst fears is coming. You will know it by its number – 2017.