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The Obama-Boehner Debt Crisis

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The debt deal struck by President Barack Obama and the then House Speaker John Boehner back in October 2015, was done purposefully to ensure that the debt crisis would not unfold under Obama and the Democrats.  John Boehner never saw a government role of red tape he never cherished.  The debt deal was absurd that the $20 trillion mark for the US debt ceiling as of March 15, 2017 would become permanent. Sure, on the one hand this could lead to a severe budgetary crisis this summer if the Democrats try to use this to discredit Trump since the media will blame Trump and not Obama.

The March 15, 2017 (Ides of March) date will be used by the media to try to stop Trump tax cuts. As always, politicians put-off whatever they can to keep hiding the truth to create fake reality and the press chimes in. This date marks the end of the debt deferral scheme struck by Obama and Boehner. When this delay expires, the deficit limit is supposed to be frozen at $20 trillion. It then becomes a law AND SOME PEOPLE ARE ALREADY TOUTING THE END OF THE WORLD. Of course, without reform and debt restructure, this cannot become reality. A rise in interest rates alone will increase the servicing and blow-through the debt ceiling. So expect a lot of yelling and incrimination – but at the end of the day, they will still have to raise the debt ceiling – AGAIN! Welcome to 2017!


Yes, this debt crisis is right on time with our forecast made decades ago. Of course, the politicians will be faced with the collapse of socialism. Where will the money come from to keep all of these programs going? The Democrats will call for a massive tax increase as if that will produce something different than a Great Depression as Europe has inflicted upon the Greeks. Honestly, politicians should NEVER be allowed to play with spending. They cannot manage anything and their self-interest of pretending to do a job while lining their own pockets should be a criminal act.

Everything could come to a halt and the Democrats will then try to blame the Republicans. This is how government works – always create a crisis and blame the other party. Obamacare is falling apart as more and more insurers bailout, costs skyrocket, and Social Security goes off the cliff. The Democrats will try desperately to prevent tax reductions for they are closet communists because they want to control your assets with a backdoor where the multinational corps can pay for exceptions. The deficit limit must then be further increased, but oddly enough, Trump is probably the best person to deal with a debt crisis. Trump will at least understand the debt and has previously spoke about restructuring the debt.

All this chaos can reach havoc proportions in the debt markets, but the stock market can be the biggest benefactor for parking money when bonds are not a wise choice. Obama pushed the biggest tax increases for Obamacare off into 2017 to prejudice the next president. Last September I wrote: “Come 2017, we are likely to see Obamacare also collapse.”  Obama has done a tremendous amount of damage as did Boehner. They created the Veteran Health Crisis not paying to take care of the troops and instead gave them a suicide crisis hotline to call rather than healthcare. The lethal combination of backroom dealing has left Trump with little room for action unless he makes a real reform. Just watch how even the press will now dishonestly attribute everything to Trump.

Debt BombTrump inherits a pre-programmed time-bomb and Obama has organized protests to try to make sure Trump is blamed for everything Washington created since World War II. The Democrats want to prevent Trump from lowering taxes on companies and citizens, build walls and add border guards to stop the drug trade and increase security authorities because of terrorism. Trump vowed to do more for the veterans when the Democrats cut everything they could in the VA and military. Then there is Trump’s plan to cut off funds to intervening in the world and spend that money home on an infrastructure program.

FRED US Natl Debt

So as the National Debt is reaching $19,979 trillion, debt has risen more than 160% since 2000. Under Obama, there was a massive expansion of new debts on the order of nearly $10 trillion dollars taking advantage of cheap interest rates. Obama increased the debt MORE than the past 43 US presidents combined in nominal terms. You can bet the house mainstream media will blame the whole thing on Trump – just watch! Nevertheless, the USA has the only economy that is viable in the West. The American banking system is not shaking as is the case in Europe.

The US economy is holding up the world for about 70% of the US economic output is generated by domestic consumption. If the American consumer stops, Europe and Asia collapse in overall economic growth with the former headed into depression. So the debt crisis looming on the horizon depends entirely upon how bad the Democrats and the press try to spin this to hurt Trump, but they will shoot themselves in the foot and help to destroy socialism and Western Culture if not unleash civil unrest.

This time, the mainstream media will more likely than not create a serious economic decline in public confidence by trying to pin all the blame on Trump. Yellow Journalism created the Spanish American War, this time they will probably create a domestic uprising and bloodbath. The propaganda and biased press coming from ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC, is so hateful, they are too busy trying to protect the establishment they cannot see that they are destroying the fabric of society.

2017 CountdownOn top of all this, Moody’s downgraded 24 governments during just the first half of 2016. The rating agencies will downgrade the USA now only because Trump is in office and they do whatever the establishment tells them to do.

So welcome to the pre-arranged time-bomb of Obama and Boehner. The press will blame this all on Trump. In the end, they will destroy socialism and contribute to the breakup of the United States. They cannot slander Trump enough to put this all back together to save the establishment. It is game-over.