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Russian Missile Lands in Poland

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Russian Missile

Russia fired a number of missiles at Ukraine taking down power grids and hitting Lviv which is just 50 miles from Poland.  It appears that two of those missiles fell short and landed in Poland. Latvia’s deputy prime minister, Artis Pabriks, said Moscow had fired missiles that landed in Poland and Putin sent Warsaw his condolences. Meanwhile, the US Pentagon has said it could not confirm that Russian missiles had crossed into Poland.


The question is will NATO use this as the excuse they have been waiting for to launch a war against Russia next week or come January, or do they want Ukraine to run out of soldiers to wear down Russia first? The strategy has been to use Ukraine as they did in Afghanistan to fund locals to wage a war to defeat Russia by attrition. We created the Taliban and all the arms we provided in that proxy war then led to them turning against Americans and also the attack on 9/11 – the unintended consequences of proxy wars.

McCain Hillary

Despite the fact that McCain was a Republican, he conspired with Hillary against Trump and handed the fake dossier to the FBI because Trump would not fund his dream proxy war to have Ukrainians start the civil war against the Russians in the Donbas he started back in 2014. McCain and Hillary were both Neocons. Despite being in opposite parties, they both always wanted to destroy Russia. No doubt, Hillary is calling everyone urging World War III now using these two missiles that hit Poland proclaiming this is a war on NATO. US Intelligence now confirms that Russian missiles hit Poland. Now Poland has called an emergency meeting about the incident.

Thatcher Socialism

These people are desperate for war. They want to create world war III all to hide the collapse of our monetary system and the central banks cannot prop up the bond markets where nobody in their right mind would buy any long-term debt from any of these countries. The game is over! If they cannot keep the funding going for socialism, then it is time for war. As Maggie use to say – we have run out of other people’s money – just like FTX.