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Municipalities Going Bust Everywhere

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We must understand that municipalities are going broke everywhere in the West. More than 50% of the municipalities in Germany are in trouble. We see the same trend everywhere. The Swedish Kommunivest movement where municipalities banned together to sell their debt which they cannot pay off only illustrates the problem.

We then have states/provinces facing a fiscal crisis. The primary driving force has been the pensions they have been paying themselves. Quebec has been escalating into a fiscal crisis ever since 2007.

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This is all coming to a head in the next Monetary Crisis Cycle. This will be a very interesting WEC this year. We tried to make this one a smaller event given we had a large session in Rome. Given the degree of this crisis and the overwhelming requests to attend, we were able to get more space to accommodate more than the 500-limit we had set.

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Attendees will receive this special report on the Monetary Crisis Cycle. So buckle-up. Keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle. This will be a ride prone to volatility with a lot of ups and downs.