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It’s Time to Turn Out the Lights in Illinois

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Illinois Road Tax

The roads in Illinois are in decay. This may be the first state to go bankrupt. The question is not if, but when. State unions are so greedy that they are destroying the very state. This is exactly how Rome fell — government employees against the people.

Seven states have constitutional provisions that state employee pensions must come BEFORE everything, including debt payments. Since the legislature in New Jersey was Democrat, they fought Governor Christie on pension reform. Their solution? On the ballot in November, there will be a provision to amend the state Constitution to put employee pensions before everything else. The people are generally kept ignorant of what that means to property taxes and the future of the state. Therefore, the average person will say, “Sure, I should get my pension, so they should also.”

Turn out Lights

Illinois should declare bankruptcy. It is simply inevitable. There is absolutely no hope for Illinois whatsoever. Every year they will have to pay more and more. If the state who manages the pension money loses, well, the taxpayers have to cover those losses as well. The governor tried to stop the downgrade of expectations for earnings in the pension fund from 7.5% to 7%, which means they have to raise taxes and/or cut service by almost a half-billion.

It’s time to just turnout the lights in Illinois. Welcome to the Sovereign Debt Crisis. This is the contagion you will finally start to hear about, but only after the elections. Why spoil the party?