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Global Debt approaching $280 Trillion by Year-end.

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Sovereign Debt Crisis Begins

Global debt is exploding thanks to the deliberate COVID-19 manufactured crisis. It is approaching $280 trillion going into year-end. We should no longer call it even debt because at this point, they are just creating the money and the central banks are buying it. Moreover, there is ABSOLUTELY no intention whatsoever to pay back anything.



Here is Trudeau, PM of Canada, who completely misrepresents the debt, and refuses to answer the question simply saying interest rates are at historic lows. They have created this crisis in order to default on the debt using the Coronavirus scam as their excuse. I cannot stress enough, GET OUT OF ALL GOVERNMENT DEBT ON ALL LEVELS – PERIOD!



Meanwhile, Trudeau has committed Canada to the World Economic Forum’s Agenda 2030 without ever allowing the people to know what it is, or to vote on this foreign agenda taking over and invading Canada.