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Europe Illegally Confiscating Russian Assets Because they NEED Cash

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As we head into a critical turning point of April 19/20, 2024 in this Proxy War the West has organized against Russia from the outset, Ukraine is on the verge of collapsing. Instead of peace, even after more than 500,000 Ukrainians are dead, the West is out for more blood. The Ukrainian people have always been just cannon fodder as they have been played for fools by the Neocons.

Zelenskyy Johnson

The West will NOT allow Ukraine to enter any peace negotiations with Russia. The tensions are rising even in Ukraine against the West as people are beginning to see that the world cares nothing about them or their nation. The peace deal that Boris Johnson jumped on a plane to ensure they would not stop the war has opened the eyes of a rising voice of discontent inside Ukraine. Many are starting to see that Zelensky is a puppet of the Neocons and NATO and that the Ukrainian people are expendable.

2019 Zelensky Wins

It is not up to the Ukrainian people whether there will be peace or not. The election of Zelensky is suspected to have been rigged by the West, and Zelensky ran promising peace with Russia after the American Neocons instructed the interim UNELECTED government to attack the Donbas and start the Civil War.

DW 3 14 24 ONLY West will decide Peace for Ukraine

It is painfully obvious that the Ukrainian people have no right to vote on the fate of their own country. Zelensky suspended elections, making him a de facto dictator. Hence, even Russia has recognized, after numerous offers for peace, that Russia’s foreign minister explained that he believes ONLY the West can decide when the war in Ukraine ends, given its support for Kiev.



Zelensky has been telling the people the propaganda that  Ukraine will win if the West keeps the money flowing. Russia’s army was 10x that of Ukraine before 500,000 Ukrainians were killed. There is ABSOLUTELY nobody in any European government, no less Washington, that EVER expected Ukraine to win. The objective was to use the Ukrainian people to weaken Russia. Even Lindsay Graham said it was the best money Congress ever spent to kill Russians. The plan all along was for NATO to deliver the final kill.

3 25 24 Europe_To_Arm_Ukraine_Using_Profits_From_Seized_Russian_Funds

The West is on the edge of a financial crisis. It is running out of cash and trying to enforce this climate-wokeness-hate-Russia agenda. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Friday endorsed a plan to buy weapons for Ukraine using profits generated from seized Russian assets. Of course, the West has violated international law by seizing the Russian assets. If they hand the Russian assets to the most corrupt government on the face of the Earth, Russia will confiscate all the private assets held by Europeans and Americans and be justified in doing so because there is no rule of law remaining.

Scholz announced this alongside Macron of France and Tusk of Poland. He said:

“We will use windfall profits from Russian assets frozen in Europe to financially support the purchase of weapons for Ukraine,”


There is absolutely no question that we are headed into a very serious sovereign debt default. Western governments have been engaging in a Ponzi scheme, and the house of cards comes crashing down when they can no longer sell new debt to redeem the old. They need this war as an excuse to cover up their fiscal mismanagement, and they will then start all over again with digital currencies and their intended Bretton Woods II. The mere fact that they are tapping into Russia’s assets PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are running out of money.

All of this is to promote war, for they see that as their way out. Macron proposed sending troops into Ukraine, knowing that it was an act of war and would mean that all of Europe would now be a target for Russia. The common people of Russia, Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan, and China DO NOT support war. War is always created by the leaders, and we are expected to die and surrender our future and that of our children all for their mismanagement.