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Debt & the Point of No Return

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Point of No Return

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; First I want to thank you for coming to Europe this year. It has been some time since your Berlin Conference. My question is simple. How can the ECB tell countries to reduce their debt when as you say nobody ever pays off the debt? Is this just fantasy or do they really believe what they are saying?

Looking forward to Rome.


ANSWER: The sheer demographics warn that more people will move into retirement, increasing expenditures at a faster pace than there are younger generations to compensate. This means that expenditures will rise and revenues will decline. Even if we were talking about governments that actually did pay off debt, they would still not be able to do so once we pass 2020.

Insofar as do they really believe their own nonsense? I am afraid they do. They have not yet reached the point where they will come to terms with the fact that this is a fictional world in which they dream of endless powers and they will prevail in the end. We have gone past the point of no return. We now require structural change and FAST!!!!!!!