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A Global Systemic Collapse – Opportunity & Risk

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EQUITY Economist of Decade Martin Armstrong

Point No Return 2

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; FX Street named you forecaster of the year for your Swiss franc euro peg forecast that also nobody else saw coming. I remember you were named here in Canada as Economist of the Decade for your calls during the 1980s with the 1987 crash and the crash in Japan. I by no means want to be on the opposite side of Socrates. My question is this. You have said that 2018 is just the beginning. This is all coming unglued very rapidly. Is this the Monetary Crisis Cycle and how the world will be torn apart in just a few years?

EM, Vancouver

ANSWER: Thanks for that magazine article. Can’t believe you saved it that long. Yes, when I say we can see a monetary reset as soon as 2021, this is no joke. There are critical points in a number of markets that I will reveal in Singapore. These are the lines in the sand. Once we cross them, there is no going back. This is a global systemic collapse. I cannot emphasize how serious this is going to be.

Crash BurnAs long as you understand what is coming and we can draw that line very clearly without personal OPINION, then you will be just fine. Those who constantly believe in fairytales, well that will be a different story. I am not trying to sell you any investment be it land, gold, cryptocurrencies, or stocks. This is about INDEPENDENT research computer driven by just the facts – no agendas.

This is NOT some new age of KNOWLEDGE or Artificial Intelligence ruling the world. Those are complete nonsense. We have to crash and burn before we ever reach some new age of reform.