France Bans Nativity Scene from Pubic Property

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France has banned the display of any Nativity scenes from public property which has many French quite upset that because of the large Muslim population, the very culture of France has been changed. It is interesting that normally people migrate because they want to be part of that culture. That has not been the case in Europe.

Even Muslims I know who grew up in Europe before these refugees are upset. They had no problem with Western law. This was never part of their goals either. You cannot enter a foreign country and demand they change everything to comply with what you were use to back home.

When you go to Asia, even Ronald McDonald greets customers in the traditional Buddhist manner. In the case of the Refugee invasion of Europe, they have brought there own culture and even demanded that their communities should be ruled by their own set of laws not those of Western culture. This has been alienating the pre-existing Muslim community.

The US Air Force allows Menorah and Nativity scenes to be side-by-side. They have denied atheists to display some sort of protest display which makes sense for if they believe in nothing, they have no right to protest against other’s belief systems.

It just seems that mutual respect is dying. Are we losing culture and the basis of civilization altogether? Religion was banned in Russia under Marxism. It seems we are headed to the same result because of intolerance/political correctness. It seems like society has just lost its mind.