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Why is the Media Undermining the Country?

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It is very curious as to why the media has become so anti-Trump to the point that they are jeopardizing our civil liberties. If he opens up the economy, they will blast him and say he is putting everyone’s life at risk. They underplayed the virus at first, then they politicized the virus to overthrow Trump by aiding the destruction of our economy. Journalists are openly committing treason and jeopardizing the security of the nation if not the world.

Fairness Doctrine R

Good journalism never injected personal political views. Journalism was about reporting the facts, but this no longer exists. We really need to bring back the Fairness Doctrine and apply it to the newspapers as well, which means they MUST report both sides of a national issue. It does not mean that there would be some central censor in government that pre-approved every story. That too would be propaganda.