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What is the Fairness Doctrine

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Fairness Doctrine R

QUESTION: My concern about the “Fairness” doctrine is who decides what is fair and if it is a time thing, is time at midnight on Sunday or 0400 on Saturday morning given to answer prime time actually fair. But the television market is quite fragmented already.


ANSWER: The Fairness Doctrine did not require preapproval from a central place to decide if it was fair. It simply required that they present both sides. Therefore, they would have to have an opposing view to say why the other side is wrong. They do that when the President makes that State of the Union Address. The opposition party gets the same amount of time to say he was wrong and why.

It is about presenting both sides – not that someone approves it is fair or not.

The mainstream media is just no longer trustworthy. I KNOW some good journalists who cannot write about what they think is the truth. The editor upstairs won’t let it be published.