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The very same day they decided to censor our website I believe at the direction of Salesforce’s Marc Benioff, who is using corporate funds to further his personal agenda of social activism in line with Klaus Schwab’s Stakeholder Economics, Twitter has blocked Sidney Powell’s Website. This is becoming an all-out war. If this has been a clean election, none of this would be taking place.

Dorsey BeardRasputin

Shutting down all commentary on Powell and her filings is demonstrating that indeed these people have something serious to hide and it is far more than Dorsey’s imitation of Rasputin. He should pay attention to history. Rasputin was assassinated.

These people have the audacity to obstruct free speech or even judicial cases that may expose their corruption and perhaps treason against the United States furthering a foreign agenda from the World Economic Forum?

I removed “Powell” from the headline to see if this makes it out.



Meanwhile, the Governor of Vermont has instructed teachers to interrogate children and find out if their families got together for Thanksgiving. This is EXACTLY what East Germany was all about. Children were told to inform the government about anything their parents said or did. Welcome to absolutely the Bonfire of our Liberties. This violates the 5th Amendment of the children for if they say yes, they are then thrown in quarantine for 2 weeks and their liberty is restrained. That is a constitutional violation and lawyers should file a civil rights suit forthwith.