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The Dismal Track Record of the Press

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Pulitzer Herst Press War

COMMENT: Hi Martin – thank you to you and your team for all your good work. Canadians have held a high level of respect for our government. It is so difficult now that our current PM and his crew have so little regard for the Canadian citizens that they serve. They lied about Trump supporters funding the Truckers Convoy and they tried to divert the GoFundMe funds.
The president of GoFundMe Tells Committee 88 Percent of Freedom Convoy Donations From Canada
Sad times when our government continues to divide us.
K.P. Toronto

REPLY: This is the problem being accelerated by yellow journalism. The press is putting out sheer garbage and they whip people into a frenzy by creating false images about everything. I do not believe that journalism will be a respectable profession in the year ahead, for they are creating tremendous crises and costing lives. What they did in Canada, then with COVID, and now with Ukraine, they are driving the world into sheet hatred.



It is certainly not like they have a good track record. They created the Spanish American War over total fake news, not much different from the “weapon of mass destruction” and Iraq. The New York Times even hid the death of 7 million Ukrainians by Stalin because they wanted communism.

In Canada, the words of Barry MacKillop, deputy director of Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center, who spoke before Canada’s House of Commons finance committee, made it clear that the money the organizers managed to raise was NOT “cash that funded terrorism or was in any way money laundering” – it was simply a way for people living in what they thought was a democratic country believing was a safe way of expressing their position on an issue.

Journalism is now working hard to further the hatred of Russia and to propel the West into World War III.