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The Death of Mainstream Media?

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QUESTION: Hello, Mr. Armstrong; Being a European and looking in the window of America, how can Americans hate Trump so much and overlook Biden and Hunter? America is becoming the laughingstock of the world. They want to imprison Trump and let this senile man and his corrupt son corrupt the world and create a war that will destroy Europe. If Biden allows all your illegal aliens to flock into your country to vote, we should also have a right to vote since your President seems to dictate to the world.


ANSWER: Our media cannot ignore the corruption of Hunter. They pretend it has nothing to do with his father and then claim the American people do not care. They want the death penalty for Trump, and CNN will rejoice.

Shakespeare Killl Lawyers

In the revolt against Henry VI and the corruption of the Deep State, Shakespeare said the first thing we do is kill the lawyers, who were the king’s prosecutors. This time someone may be writing about this collapse in government and saying the first thing we do is hang the journalists. I strongly suggest that anyone who has children working for these news organizations, they better find a different job. They may not want to be looked upon with the same disdain in the years ahead.

Warner Brothers Y 8 20 23

We can see what CNN did to Warner Brothers. Their shares collapsed from $78.14 to $9.49 – that was an 87.8% decline! This is like Great Depression. There was a shake up, and they have been trying to move back. But with the volatility rising from 2024, honest reporting remains an unattainable dream.