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Research – Where to find it

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Library 1Leslie J.P. Morgan 710x1024

QUESTION: Mr, Armstrong; I read the research you provided for the Hong Kong WEC. I tried to see if I could find some of the Harper’s Weekly articles you photographed and perhaps others. They are not online. May I ask, where do you get access to such material?

ANSWER: I have a very extensive library of bound volumes of newspapers from the USA as well as Britain. This has enabled me to conduct real research and see the thinking process and how it has evolved with the markets. First of all, I have to use the original source. Far too often when you dive into it, you find that people have made up quotes to support a predetermined agenda. This way, I can quote directly and not rely upon others.

Library London NewsLeslie New Old World 1919

Puck Cleveand Veto Silver Bill March 21st 1894 738x1024Harpers Weekly