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NY Times Recants – Overstated Children Hospitalized with COVID by 800,000

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NY Times 800000 Children

Dollar ManipulationWe have a very serious crisis in the media. The left-leaning press is so outrageous that they now appear to be deliberately trying to herd people into vaccines for Big Pharma and the press may be compromised with good old fashion CASH. Fox News is reporting how the New York Times overstated the number of children hospitalized for COVID. If they had a broken bone and they tested them for COVID while there, they suddenly became a COVID patient — forget about the real reason they were there. This is just such dishonest reporting it puts the lives of children at risk and all for what? Bribes on the side?

We need honest answers. There are people claiming that those vaccinated will become susceptible to other illnesses because the vaccines will interfere with the natural immune system. Quite honestly, nobody knows if this is true or not. Others joke and say that is one way to reduce the size of government.

The press should not be selling the agenda but investigating what the hell is going on. If they are NOT allowed to report the truth and people like the head of CNN are on a personal agenda, they should come out and tell the truth and expose their corrupt leaders for what they truly are — anti-human rights.

While I do not believe that the government is KNOWINGLY forcing vaccines to reduce the population, that does not mean that they have turned a blind eye to Gates, Schwab, and Soros’ triumvirate to take over the world for their personal agendas of climate change/depopulation, Marxism, and a one-world government. I do not trust any of these triumvirate members and I seriously doubt that any one of them would ever tell the politicians the truth allowing them to only count their money which is the real end goal.


Gallupo Press 10 21

The recent Gallup Poll on the trustworthiness of the press is the lowest since 2016 when Trump took office.

I strongly advise discouraging your children from becoming a journalist at least for any of the leftist media in print, radio, or TV. They will NOT be allowed to print the truth, and if history repeats, they will be dragging journalists out to the street to hang them. They are messing with people’s lives and all it will take is for someone’s child to die because they relied upon a press story that it was safe and that journalists could find they painted a target on their own head.

In Australia, the government WAIVED all taxes for the press for one year provided they support the government.

In Austria, they just gave the press cash!