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News in America Has Become Propaganda Like Pravda Did in Russia under the Soviet Union

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COMMENT: Martin,

I was willing to just to try Duck-Duck-Go just to see if they are non-biased in their results (and to get rid of Google sponsored Ads as my first search results).

I “Duck-Ducked” for: “Trump news”, thought “Uh-oh.”  Fox News was at the end of the list.  At least it showed up.  Then I “Duck-Ducked” “news”.  Fox was at the top.

OK.  I’m sold!


P.S. – this likely reflects the “yellow journalism magnet” that Trump has become in the liberal fake news outlets.  How did they ever peddle their drivel pre-2016?  Not very well, I suppose.

REPLY: The news is so manipulated these days it has degenerated to just propaganda.