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Kathy Griffin Blames Trump for Being Fired – She is Really Sick

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Kathy Griffin

Comedian Kathy Griffin is a very sick individual. While she apologized only because she has lost perhaps her career sponsorships and jobs, including her role as co-host of CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage with journalist Anderson Cooper, she doesn’t get! She is calling Trump a “bully” and has vowed to continue to make “jokes” about Trump. This only proves she is not sorry and is too thick headed to comprehend what she has done.

She must be brain-dead for anyone else in this position for such a picture would most likely be arrested for it can easily be seen as a threat against the president. This also clearly falls into the category of “terrorism” illustrating this is not a joke to display decapitating a person like she is one of the Islamic Terrorists of Isis. Is she supporting ISIS and their beheading of people?

If she doesn’t have a career after this as she is crying about now, then good-reddens. This is not what someone would call a joke or cracks made at a ROAST in jest. I seriously bet if you did this prank on your spouse you would fine a restraining order on you real fast and the cops busting down your door. CNN hates Trump, but even they realized this is not acceptable for it can easily inspire violence as ok.

So she blames Trump for losing her job. Hm. Guess that means she did nothing wrong.