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Journalists Fleeing Mainstream Media

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Mainstream Media Manipulation

While more than 50% of the police in New York City wish they never became cops because of the manipulation of society, and there has been the beginning of a migration of police from New York to Florida, there is another trend emerging concerning mainstream media both in the United States as well as in Europe. I have known some of these high-level people in the mainstream media who wanted to report on the forecast of Socrates but have been blocked. There is a great sucking sound with journalists resigning. The interesting aspect is to what who is resigning from what newspapers.

Nellie Bowles of the New York Times quit and she explained how the news is being manipulated. She said she was sent to report on the “mainstream liberal argument” that vandalizing buildings for racial justice was not detrimental because businesses had insurance. “It turned out to be not true,” Bowles wrote. “The part of Kenosha that people burned in the riots was the poor, multi-racial commercial district, full of small, underinsured cell phone shops and car lots. It was very sad to see and to hear from people who had suffered.”


The entire Rittenhouse divide with people calling this a racist court is ignorant. It seems many in the mainstream media reported it was a Black Lives Matter riot, but the people he killed were white – not black. Has mainstream media deliberately tried to create civil unrest?


One of the editors of the FT just quick because of the same reasons. There has been a mass exodus of journalists from the BBC and the London Financial Times. Mainstream media is denying the truth on every level and we are witnessing the collapse of not just government, but mainstream media. They are pushing ONLY a left-wing agenda and if the news is to the contrary, they refuse to print it.



The FT has been pushing the end of Capitalism when its entire livelihood was supposed to be business. You can’t make up this hypocrisy. There are more people in line to leave the FT. Why work for a newspaper that was founded on capitalism that now supports Schwab and terminating capitalism?

Eventually, in 1945, there was a  merger that created the London Financial Times as one of the largest business newspapers in the world. The FT will fold by 2031 on that 86 year cycle as it is committing suicide. It will fall with this failed effort to end capitalism.

WEF Marxism

The FT was a newspaper that I once respected, but today, it has become a propaganda rag for Schwab that refused to even allow reporters to investigate the origin of COVID. Was that directive straight out of instructions from Geneva? Why were such investigations not appropriate? Why do they now support Marxism?

The FT also takes money from Bill Gates surrendering its independence and integrity as has been the case at the BBC. The biggest names in mainstream media have simply been sold to the highest bidder.

I have had contact with mainstream media but they are NOT allowed to utter a single word that there is this computer that dares to forecast the decline and fall of this World Economic Forum. The very fact that Schwab is preaching his 4th Industrial Revolution and AI that will change the future would be on point when it forecasts he will fail. The entire Guaranteed Basic Income is the assumption that robots will replace people who will then be unemployable and to save the planet, they need to get rid of the excess humans. That is the unspoken agenda behind these words.


Washington_Post logo

Because mainstream media will not investigate, they would be shocked to find out that these people think we need another 50% reduction in population like the Justinian Plague of 541AD and the Black Plague of the 14th century. The media will never bother to even investigate. Indeed,  the Washington Post’s logo, Democracy Dies in Darkness, is exactly correct. They are the one’s creating the darkness to kill Democracy and usher in Schwab’s new Marxist Wonderland.

Just some journalists who have quit